Different Types of Photo Booths

If you are looking to hire a photo booth for your next event, you came to the right place to discover the different types of photo booths options available to best suit your needs. Here at fotostar we offer a wide range of booths to fit all event types along with other event services. By recognizing our clients´individual needs and adjust our booths by providing branded photos, surveys, and social media sharing to bespoke booth branding. We have worked at various types of corporate events, product launches, festivals, launch parties, and experiental marketing.

One of the most unique photo booth ideas, let your guests see themselves from a 180-degree photo booth — it’s an incredible way to freeze a moment in time, and then check it out from every angle. Guests can enjoy jumping during this photo take and add confetti/ bubbles for awesome outputs with your logo or branding. The sharing station included allows for immediate email, text and social media sharing. Data capture included so you receive a copy of email addresses for future advertising.

This is definitely one of the hottest new photo booth hire trends. You can take full length photos with an interactive touch screen mirror. The camera is hidden behind the mirror to give added suspense and once photos are taken, guests have the option to change their backgrounds and photo templates. Use the sign feature for fun scribbles and even add emoji’s to photos. Branding on the booth is optional along with custom start screen with an animated logo.You can further add a sharing station for photos to reach out to social media and also emails/text. We will provide a list of data taken from your event. Hire a mirror photo booth for your next event or party and we promise you won´t regret!

A new and cool photo experience! This photo booth keeps guests in suspense when they have a photo taken, while our trained attendant will draw around them using special coloured lights. You can see your photos come to life with vibrant colours and shapes in the background. There is the option of adding a sharing station if you want to your light painting photo booth!

The open air photo booth is a modern take on a classic photo booth. The open photo booth is a selfie pod that is great for venues with limited space, and ideal for larger group photos. This type of booth allows for people to view the photo shenanigans and join in on the fun. Each photo booth is equipped with a state-of-the-art camera, software, and printer to guarantee quality photos every time. Choose from a selection of backdrops or add branded ones for the personalised touch.


Enclosed photo booths either have curtains, walls, panels or a combination to ensure its users are hidden away from prying eyes while they pose for their glamorous shots. The level of sturdiness of these photo booths varies greatly depending on construction. A number of hire companies choose to build their own rather than adding a professionally manufactured machine to their stock.  The traditional enclosed photo booth at fotostar is great for outdoor events fitting around 6 people inside at one time. We have the option to add different backgrounds using green screen technology. Branding on the outer side gives your company a boost and helps it stand out from the crowd.

From the different types of photo booths the led inflatable photo booth is the biggest booth you´ll find, making it immediately stand out from far. The LED changeable lights give an added cool effect on this booth making it perfect for winter themed events. Get in contact with us to know more details about if you want to make your event a big flashy one!

Go the extra mile and hire a GIF photo booth so you don´t get the typical flat photography! Have fun with different photos taken and then turned into GIFs you will have lots of fun & laughs when you look back at these. Be creative and add some confetti to this booth for great still images. This comes with a sharing option so you can have it on Email and Social Media immediately.

This is not your typical photo booth because our foliage wall is a vibrant set up with exotic flowers and leaves. You can add a large prop (i.e. swing, bike, car front) for an interactive photo experience. This is definitely one of our favourites and we are sure it will make your next event the theme of talk among guests the days after!

Have a theme in mind? Well the themed photo booth will definitely be the one for you. Get in touch with your ideas be creative and we’ll bring it to life. Whether it’s Circus, Winter, Indian, Movie or Vintage theme, we have a variety of large props like an Indian Bike, Rickshaw, Swing and much more. This is by far the most fun one!

Have a new product you want to promote? Why not launch it in style with a bespoke photo booth build for maximum exposure. This is photo booth let´s you give wings to your creativity so don´t be shy when planning one. Design a bespoke photo booth in the shape you want, the size you want and with the features you need!

With this being said, we hope we were able to clarify some of your questions about the different types of photo booths available for hire! If you enjoyed this blog post share it with your friends, family and colleagues because they might find it helpful too. Finally, get in contact with us here if you need any help with your next event, we promise we will make it memorable!