Hire a Photo Booth and Save Money

If you are looking to hire a photo booth for your weeding, you came to the right place to discover the different types of photo booths options available to best suit your needs. Here at fotostar we offer a wide range of booths to fit all event types along with other event services. By recognizing our clients´individual needs and adjust our booths by providing branded photos, surveys, and social media sharing to bespoke booth branding. We have worked at various types of corporate events, product launches, festivals, launch parties, and experiental marketing.

The Current Weeding Situation

Weddings are expensive, and that is a fact. Apart from a house deposit, your big day is likely to be the most expensive thing you ever pay for. Not only that but did you know that on average  couples in the UK spend £3 to £10 per head on wedding favours for their guests? And that adds up, with most weddings seeing approximately 150 guests attending their big day, thats over £450 of your budget gone!

Most importantly its time for you to realize that those personalised bottles of whiskey or the boxes of sweets are not worth the price, and instead spend it on something that is more meaningful and memorable.

The Only Weeding Favour You´ll Need

Having a photo booth present at your party is one way to ensure the event is remembered for a very long time. This fun, interactive feature is the perfect way to capture the magic and enjoyment of a party whilst creating a real focal point at the event. In this digital age, we don’t print enough photos anymore, which is why photobooth photos are becoming even more special. What could possibly be a better wedding favour than a whole stack of photos of themselves having an awesome time at your wedding.

Therefore, Fotostar incredibly stylish photo booths will make a fabulous addition to your party capturing special moments and bringing the event to life!

Why Should You Work With Us?

Unlike most photo booths on offer, however, we provide cheap photo booth options which means you don’t blow your budget. Above all your guests will have a great time creating incredible memories that they can talk about for years to come. Our photo booth options provide you with a variety of props, to give you the ultimate entertainment package. Therefore hire a photo booth and save money on your wedding!

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